Emergency Lighting

Are you certain that you are securing the health, safety and welfare of persons at work and also protecting others who visit the building?

Do you regularly check the emergency lighting system and do you have a maintenance schedule in place? Common law and much legislation impose duties of care upon those responsible for buildings, in particular employers.

Robertson Electrical can provide advice and guidance which may be of benefit to you!

  • Design and consultancy of emergency escape lighting.
  • Installations of full emergency escape lighting systems.
  • Advice on regular checks and maintenance.

Maintenance & care packages

Robertson Electrical also offer a flexible part or full maintenance and care package.

We will look at building a package based on our client’s requirements:

  1. Advice and training for the responsible person within the building covering routine checks.
  2. An emergency lighting log book which is kept on site to detail all checks and testing.
  3. A full system check carried out yearly by Pro Electrical based on the type of system.
  4. A maintenance package which can include a fixed number of call outs.
  5. A maintenance package which can include replacement of lamps.

Did you know that emergency lighting may be required for...

  • Residential property – multiple dwelling.
  • Office, storage and non residential.
  • Shop, commercial and car parks
  • Assembly and recreation.
  • Generator rooms.
  • Toilet areas over 8m2.