Go Green with Pro Solar Energy

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The sun provides an abundant, free source of clean energy in form of natural light and warmth.It is possible to capture some of this free energy directly to convert sunlight into electricity using solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. If you’re thinking about installing solar PV to we would be happy to visit you to conduct a free no obligation site survey.

How Does Solar PV work?

Solar PV system convert light into electrical power using a thin layer of semi-conductor material, usually silicon, encased between a sheet of glass and a polymer resin. They range in size made from interconnected modules that form an array. When exposed to daylight electrons are then able to flow through wiring to an inverter which converts the current to 240V alternating current(AC) so it can be connected to your home’s main electricity supply.

Shape of Roof Area

Solar PV arrays are made up of modules of about 1.5m2 which allows most available roof shapes to be accommodated. Typical UK installation are around 14m2 or 15m2.For example a 2.2kWp system could comprise of 12 panels taking up an area of 15m2 and will generates roughly 1800kWh per annum. Any shading on a single module will affect the performance of the whole array as all the modules are connected.A system can tolerate some shading early or late in the day without much reduction of overall output. Chimneys,TV aerials and vent pipes are all common causes of shading and should be accounted for before any installation.Solar electricity doesn’t necessarily require direct sunlight and can still generate electricity on cloudy.

Governments Feed-in Tariffs(FITs) and Exporting Electricity

With the UK Government’s Feed-in Tariffs(FITs) scheme, you can get paid for the electricity you generate with your solar PV array.The scheme guarantees a minimum payment for all electricity generated by the system (generation tariff),as well as an additional payment for the electricity exported to the grid(export tariff). These payments are in addition to the bill savings made by using the electricity generated on-site.The payments you are eligible to receive vary depending on system size and when it is installed.The payments are index linked and guaranteed for 20 years.For every unit of electricity generated you will receive the generation tariff for solar PV set at that time. You will also be paidfor every unit of electricity you export and you will save on your electricity bill for every generated unit that you use in your home.